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The Land of Not

When 9-year-old Collin moves with his family to the Land of Not, he is shocked to discover that everyone in his school is sad because they define themselves by what they can't do. Soon, he develops a plan to show his new friends, including a food-allergic boy who can't eat nuts, that true happiness comes from embracing who they are, not who they're not. The message of the book, as one veteran educator said, will "Inspire, empower and transform every child to understand their possibilities rather than define themselves by their limitations."

land of not cover_Page_01.jpg

Land of Can Map Package

The Land of Can is a culture of Care. It even has its own Can Constitution. Purchase the giant Land of Can wall map, and removable "I Am I Can" stickers, for an elementary school, church youth group, after school program, pediatricians' or allergists' office, etc. The map brings the Land of Can to life. Resilience River. Do Drive. Perseverance Peak. Oh, and that Can Constitution! This is a place where children celebrate their unique gifts and talents. 


Can Call to Action

We need help spreading the message of the Land of Can.  We are recruiting volunteer CAN AMABASSADORS from across the nation who believe in Can. There are people who just can do things. There are people who have passion, and people who have time, and people who have energy, and people who are well-connected, and we’re calling on these people to use their gifts and talents to spread the Land of Can.  Click below for more information

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