A Call to Action

Calling all Can Ambassadors!

My goal is to have a copy of the Land of Not book and the Land of Can map in the hands of children in every elementary school, pediatrician’s office, and allergist’s office in America. Is that too ambitious? Ask the third grader sitting in a classroom somewhere in California, or Nebraska, or Pennsylvania, or wherever. I’m not looking for an “Attaboy, JJ.” This isn’t about me. This is about that third grader. This is a call to action.

The emotional well-being of a food-allergic child is simply too important to ignore.
Sign up today as a CAN Ambassador and commit to doing at least ONE of the following actions.  The first 200 people (or families) who sign up as  Ambassadors will be listed on our Web site as founding members — pioneers — of the Land of Can! 

Action 1: Follow us. Share us.

We’re literally just launching our Twitter now. No followers yet. Let's get it going. Follow us @thelandofnot. There will be a lot of opportunities for involvement in the near future, and this is the best way to keep up to date. Don't have Twitter? Then simply tell a friend (or two) about us! 

Action 2: Buy a book. Give a book.

We need help spreading the message of the Land of Can, and that's accomplished by a Can Ambassador purchasing a book for a child, loved one, teacher, school or county librarian, school nurse, allergist, pediatrician, daycare provider, church youth group leader, after school program adviser, anybody who can benefit from hearing this message. For larger orders, we offer personalization options to further reinforce the messages of the book. Remember, this is about more than just food allergies. This is about empowering all young people to embrace who they are instead of defining themselves by who they’re not. 

Action 3: Donate a Map (or part of one!)

Purchase a personalized Land of Can wall map and donate it to an elementary school, youth group or daycare center. This is an excellent way to stake ground in the Land of Can. 

(The first tier of my goal is to get a book and map into 100 elementary schools/daycares across the nation.  We want 100 locations to stake their ground in the Land of Can by featuring a book and a map. The Can Ambassadors CAN make this happen.)

Action 4. Help any way you CAN!

We need people who believe in Can and can help us. There are people who just can do things. There are people who have passion, and people who have time, and people who have energy, and people who can donate and people who are well-connected... AND we’re calling on these people to use their gifts and talents and treasures to spread the Land of Can. We need Can Ambassadors. 

Action 5. Support companies who live in CAN! 

Support and share news about businesses and organizations that help food-allergic children live in the Land of Can! Have you downloaded Spokin yet? 


We always love to hear your thoughts and ideas about helping us grow. Contact us, JJ@thelandofnot.com